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Arctic Energy Savers LLC April 9th, 2010

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ak warm1 Arctic Energy Savers, LLC
[email protected]

Arctic Energy Savers, formerly Arctic Airsealing & Weatherization, is a small Palmer based business specializing in the airsealing of cold climate buildings. For those of you wondering, what the heck is airsealing? Airsealing is the caulking, foaming and sealing of penetrations within your home that allow heated air to escape from your home. This heated air is replaced with cold outside air that must be re-heated to maintain a comfortable temperature within the home. A properly sealed home will use much less energy to maintain a constant temperature. Using less energy means you pay less on energy bills. More dollars in your pocket and less energy wasted is a win-win situation.

Arctic Energy Savers is celebrating the completion of our first year in business! It has been an incredibly exciting year and ak warm2we have improved the energy efficiency of over 25 homes. We focus on customer relationships and working with you to make home improvements easy and hassle free. Retrofit, coming in after the home has already been completed (often for a number of years), airsealing and weatherization of residential homes is dirty, time consuming work that must be done properly in order for it to be effective.

We have trained side by side with the energy raters to ensure we have the knowledge to help maximize your homes efficiency and Energy Rebate. Unlike most contractors we also understand the energy rating software, AKwarm, which allows us to choose the best retrofit for your home. We use the latest in building science technology combined with blower door home pressure testing to guarantee your home is properly insulated and airsealed.

Currently the State of Alaska is offering up to $10,000 to make energy efficiency improvements in your home. The process is easy, check out or call 1-877-AKREBATE for more information. After you receive your home energy audit, call Cary Shiflea at Arctic Energy Savers 907-232-1246 to schedule your free estimate. We will give you an honest and fair price to complete the work in a timely manner that suits your schedule.

ak warm3Cary Shiflea, Owner
Arctic Energy Savers, LLC
[email protected]

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Turkey Red March 17th, 2010

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Located in the downtown Palmer plaza on 550 South Alaska St; Turkey Red is a café that recently opened in 2008 with a philosophy new to our town.

The first thing that strikes you at Turkey Red is the atmosphere. The lighting is very soft and subtle, mostly coming through wide windows encircling the dining area. This creates a relaxing mood and makes Turkey Red feel very open. On the windowsills and scattered throughout the café are a diverse selection of potted plants and herbs. These combined with the light brown tone of the walls adds an earthy comfort to the place. Decorating the walls are pictures and paintings.

Turkey Red offers a selection of 16 different kinds of teas, including varieties of green and black. This delicious tea is only two dollars for a half-pot, which I found equals about a cup and a half. The tea was the undoubtedly the highlight of my dining experience at Turkey Red. I also had their Mediterranean Salad, which was also quite delicious. All of this was supplemented by very friendly service that left me smiling as I walked out the door.

The owner of Turkey Red is Alex Papasavas, who is one-half Greek and one-half French. I talked with the owner’s partner, Franco Magrini, who is one-half Italian and one-half South American. Franco told me that he and Alex wanted the café’s cuisine to represent their various cultural experiences. This idea has certainly come to fruition in the form of a unique and diverse selection offering everything from Spinach Crespelle to Chicken Pizzaiolo.

At Turkey Red, all of the bread is risen naturally, so little yeast is used. The food is prepared entirely at the café. You’re not getting pre-frozen, reheated food. They also try to incorporate as many organic ingredients as possible. In the summer, Turkey Red purchases most of it’s produce from Arctic Organics, a family operated farm near Palmer. This is a great example of businesses in our community supporting each other. Turkey Red’s organic, natural menu is a fantastic alternative to fast food, if you have the time. It’s well worth it. Excellent tea, great food, and a warm atmosphere makes Turkey Red the perfect place for a multi-cultural experience in the town you love.

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Noisy Goose Cafe – Colony Kitchen January 19th, 2010

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(907) 746-4600

The Noisy Goose Cafe here in Palmer holds some of my earliest memories of outings with my Dad. He took me and my three siblings for breakfast here many times. The signs covering the walls always captured our attention, as well as the real, stuffed geese hanging from the ceilings. Good times.

The Noisy Goose Cafe, also known as the Colony Kitchen, has some of the best food in town. It’s located just before the fairgrounds on the right side of the Glenn Hwy as you head out of town. Customers range in age from Palmer old timers to young couples with children. The prices are similar to the Valley Hotel’s cafe: $8-$13 per person.

There are senior and children menus, seafood and steaks, soups and baked potatoes with all the

toppings, and of course, burgers and breakfast. Yum! The atmosphere is really great; country music plays in the background, the waitresses are cheery and the decor is entertaining.

Overall, this cafe is a great place to take your family, meet your friends or just enjoy a cup of coffee! Come check it out! or call them at 746-4600

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Country Cutts! October 24th, 2009

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Interested in trying something new with your hair? Wishing for the perfect manicure? Need to relax? Come to Country Cutts, where it’s always a beautiful day! Country Cutts is located on the corner of S Alaska Street and W Cedar, in the two story gray building. 

Country Cutts has a staff of highly trained professionals and has been in business in the Valley for 25 years.
They are the number one Paul Mitchell-focused salon in the Pacific North West. All ages are welcome here!

What services does Country Cutts offer?
Practically anything you can imagine! With nine hair stylists, two nail technicians, three estheticians, two manicurists, and a fantastic massage therapist, Country Cutts is prepared to serve you, whatever your needs. They offer anything from beautiful manicures to pore cleansing facials and eyelash extensions to spiral permanents. For a full list of services and prices, go to their website at 

The atmosphere at Country Cutts is very relaxing
; people often come early for their appointments just to chat with the staff. One of the stylists quipped “We’re actually counselors and hair stylists, but we only get paid for the styling part.” Stan Guthrie, the owner and one of many excellent stylists, is well-known for his community involvement. He puts on a beautiful Thanksgiving fireworks show in downtown Palmer every year in order to give back to the community. This year it’s slated for November 28, at 7:18 PM. 

Country cuts is open 9-6 every day of the year
except for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years and 4th of July!

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Slack’s Sugar Shack August 14th, 2009

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Slack’s Sugar Shack on Evergreen St has been in business forever. Fifteen years, to be exact, and for a nineteen year old, that feels like forever. Nedra Slack, the sole baker and owner, makes the best donuts around. What makes them so good? She says it’s because of all the “L-O-V-E put in each one”.

Slack’s isn’t like a boring box-store bakery. They use the recipes your grandma used and fry the donuts in peanut oil. After all, don’t fix what ain’t broke, right? Every delicious product is made right there from scratch. You can find old-fashioned donuts, pastries, cookies, breads, pies, cakes, coffee and other beverages, and can order anything on the menu a day in advance. They don’t offer espresso drinks, but you can get them right next door at the locally owned Purple Moose Espresso.

“We’re definitely locally supported,” says Heather Reed, who’s been working at Slack’s for the last three and a half years. There’s a local lunch crowd besides the morning donut and coffee people. Soups in homemade breadbowls draw in people of all ages. Chili, clam chowder and vegetable soup are just some of the delicious options.

During the holidays, you can purchase tasty gift baskets,
cookie trays and pies, as well as seasonal breads. 

You can order cakes for special occasions for any theme, including weddings. Ms. Slack will trace photos out by hand with frosting, instead of making an ‘edible image’ out of rice paper.

Slack’s Sugar Shack’s hours are 6AM-3PM, Tuesday through Saturday. To call in an order, dial (907) 745-4777, or fax it to (907) 746-3668.

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