Arctic Energy Savers LLC April 9th, 2010

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Arctic Energy Savers, formerly Arctic Airsealing & Weatherization, is a small Palmer based business specializing in the airsealing of cold climate buildings. For those of you wondering, what the heck is airsealing? Airsealing is the caulking, foaming and sealing of penetrations within your home that allow heated air to escape from your home. This heated air is replaced with cold outside air that must be re-heated to maintain a comfortable temperature within the home. A properly sealed home will use much less energy to maintain a constant temperature. Using less energy means you pay less on energy bills. More dollars in your pocket and less energy wasted is a win-win situation.

Arctic Energy Savers is celebrating the completion of our first year in business! It has been an incredibly exciting year and ak warm2we have improved the energy efficiency of over 25 homes. We focus on customer relationships and working with you to make home improvements easy and hassle free. Retrofit, coming in after the home has already been completed (often for a number of years), airsealing and weatherization of residential homes is dirty, time consuming work that must be done properly in order for it to be effective.

We have trained side by side with the energy raters to ensure we have the knowledge to help maximize your homes efficiency and Energy Rebate. Unlike most contractors we also understand the energy rating software, AKwarm, which allows us to choose the best retrofit for your home. We use the latest in building science technology combined with blower door home pressure testing to guarantee your home is properly insulated and airsealed.

Currently the State of Alaska is offering up to $10,000 to make energy efficiency improvements in your home. The process is easy, check out or call 1-877-AKREBATE for more information. After you receive your home energy audit, call Cary Shiflea at Arctic Energy Savers 907-232-1246 to schedule your free estimate. We will give you an honest and fair price to complete the work in a timely manner that suits your schedule.

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