Noisy Goose Cafe – Colony Kitchen January 19th, 2010

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(907) 746-4600

The Noisy Goose Cafe here in Palmer holds some of my earliest memories of outings with my Dad. He took me and my three siblings for breakfast here many times. The signs covering the walls always captured our attention, as well as the real, stuffed geese hanging from the ceilings. Good times.

The Noisy Goose Cafe, also known as the Colony Kitchen, has some of the best food in town. It’s located just before the fairgrounds on the right side of the Glenn Hwy as you head out of town. Customers range in age from Palmer old timers to young couples with children. The prices are similar to the Valley Hotel’s cafe: $8-$13 per person.

There are senior and children menus, seafood and steaks, soups and baked potatoes with all the

toppings, and of course, burgers and breakfast. Yum! The atmosphere is really great; country music plays in the background, the waitresses are cheery and the decor is entertaining.

Overall, this cafe is a great place to take your family, meet your friends or just enjoy a cup of coffee! Come check it out! or call them at 746-4600

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