Turkey Red March 17th, 2010

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Located in the downtown Palmer plaza on 550 South Alaska St; Turkey Red is a café that recently opened in 2008 with a philosophy new to our town.

The first thing that strikes you at Turkey Red is the atmosphere. The lighting is very soft and subtle, mostly coming through wide windows encircling the dining area. This creates a relaxing mood and makes Turkey Red feel very open. On the windowsills and scattered throughout the café are a diverse selection of potted plants and herbs. These combined with the light brown tone of the walls adds an earthy comfort to the place. Decorating the walls are pictures and paintings.

Turkey Red offers a selection of 16 different kinds of teas, including varieties of green and black. This delicious tea is only two dollars for a half-pot, which I found equals about a cup and a half. The tea was the undoubtedly the highlight of my dining experience at Turkey Red. I also had their Mediterranean Salad, which was also quite delicious. All of this was supplemented by very friendly service that left me smiling as I walked out the door.

The owner of Turkey Red is Alex Papasavas, who is one-half Greek and one-half French. I talked with the owner’s partner, Franco Magrini, who is one-half Italian and one-half South American. Franco told me that he and Alex wanted the café’s cuisine to represent their various cultural experiences. This idea has certainly come to fruition in the form of a unique and diverse selection offering everything from Spinach Crespelle to Chicken Pizzaiolo.

At Turkey Red, all of the bread is risen naturally, so little yeast is used. The food is prepared entirely at the café. You’re not getting pre-frozen, reheated food. They also try to incorporate as many organic ingredients as possible. In the summer, Turkey Red purchases most of it’s produce from Arctic Organics, a family operated farm near Palmer. This is a great example of businesses in our community supporting each other. Turkey Red’s organic, natural menu is a fantastic alternative to fast food, if you have the time. It’s well worth it. Excellent tea, great food, and a warm atmosphere makes Turkey Red the perfect place for a multi-cultural experience in the town you love.

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