Responding to Covid-19 April 10th, 2020

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Covid-19, the virus is rapidly spread around the world at an alarming 

speed. Different areas of the world are seeing different levels of impact, the 

United States is seeing a steady increase in the number of confirmed cases

In the Palmer area and throughout the Valley many businesses and 

individuals are deemed essential. They are putting their lives 

on the frontline continue putting essential supplies on the shelves 

so that people are can continue with their lives as we navigate this new 

normal. From the bottom of my heart and for everyone else in the Valley, I want 

to thank the men and women who are going out every day, working long hours 

for days on end, working tirelessly to provide for the citizens of the Valley. We 

thank you and will continue to thank you for all that you are doing for our 


It can be extremely difficult to find the true statistics without 

having data left out or exaggerated. The sad truth is that  media

hardly ever focuses on delivering the whole story, but rather delivers what is 

most interesting or gauged to get a certain response. Knowing what is going 

on in the world is more of a necessity now than ever before to keep our 

families safe. 

Through all of my own research I have found that the Center for

Disease Control’s website is very trustworthy and not media motivated. I have 

also found that looking on official state websites give reputable facts and 

sources for those facts, along with the steps that you can take to stay as safe

 as possible during this increasingly dangerous time.

 The same guidelines are being relayed; Stay at home unless you have

an essential or emergent reason to leave. When/if you do have to leave your 

home make sure to maintain safe distances from other individuals, it is 

recommended that a distance of 6 or more feet be left between bodys. 

Continually wash your hands and use a sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol 

content or more. And wear a mask in public. Stay safe!


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Palmer Alaska State Fair August 31st, 2017

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Summer is short but sweet in Alaska, and helping bring it to a close each year is the Alaska State Fair. The State Fair is a great place to bring anyone, from your closest friends to your most awkward relatives. The state fair is held in Palmer but the people come from all around the country. Whether you go for your children or because you love it, it is hard to avoid going at least once each year.


Alaska is a big state, with big vegetables and plants to go with it. Don’t miss the seeing the giant cabbage weigh off, Friday the 1st of September. Created in Alaska, the many exhibit halls have an assortment of clever creations from hand turned bowls made of wood to dolls made out of pumpkins and cucumbers. There are also many types of delicious fair foods to be eaten, each with a nutritional value inversely proportional to their price. Cure your itch for motion sickness by going on some of the thrilling rides they have at the fairgrounds. Looking for entertainment? Take a seat and enjoy some of the shows at one of the fairgrounds five stages, or enjoy some of the amazing artists and bands performing concerts such as: Lecrae, Third Eye Blind, The Doobie Brothers and DNCE . If singing and dancing aren’t your thing, take a look at some of the livestock and animals that are being shown, and judged, in the barn.


The Alaska State Fair is a great place to have fun in Palmer. Whether you are looking for a place to take your relatives, wanting to see the award winning vegetables or loose your lunch on some of the amusement rides, there is something for everyone at the fairgrounds. The Alaska State Fair runs from August 24 till September 4 for 2017. Come enjoy the last of summer in the Mat-Su valley.

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Garden and Art Wine Walk June 22nd, 2016

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minersminers gameThere’s a lot going on around Palmer this week! If you haven’t had a chance to catch a Mat-Su Miners Baseball game, your chance is tomorrow night, Thursday, June 23. Game starts at 7 pm, take your family out for some fun, sunshine and food while watching our local team play some great baseball. Also, don’t miss Military Appreciation Night with the Mat-Su Miners this Friday, June 24th at 7 pm. Bring your kids and family and enjoy this beautiful weather, grab some dinner and watch some great baseball.

July 8th, the Palmer Museum of History & Art will be hosting the Midsummer Garden & Art Wine Walk in downtown Palmer. Another fun event coming up is the Palmer Midsummer Garden & Art Fair Rhubarb Rumble, July 9, 2016 in downtown Palmer. wine walkThey will have lots of vendors, food and fun things to purchase. Come celebrate gardening, art and music in beautiful downtown Palmer, Alaska, during the one day festival the Palmer Midsummer Garden and Art Faire, PMGAF. This year’s PMGAF will be held on Saturday, July 9th, beginning at 10:00AM through 6:00PM (with our last musical performer ending at 8:00PM) . The PMGAF includes a variety of garden and art vendors from all over Alaska, FREE art, gardening and cooking workshops hosted by local artists, gardening professionals and chefs, live music all day on two outdoor stages and in one Cultural Events tent, the Rhubarb Rumble (a rhubarb recipe contest among our local restaurants and caterers where you are the tasting judges!) and introducing this year’s Topihairy Challenge (a garden-inspired hair style competition among Palmer’s local salons also judged by you!). This year’s event promises not to disappoint. For more updates on this year’s event, please visit the PMGAF web-site at: Our small town is a wonderful place to raise a family. If you are looking to buy or sell property, give us a call and let us help you with all your needs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 907-232-7900.

Written by: Denise Garrettson

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Palmer High School February 22nd, 2016

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IB Program

IB Program

Palmer High School is a great place to learn, grow, and meet new people.

Palmer High School, located in Palmer, Alaska is home of the MOOSE!
It’s the only school in the district that participates in the International Baccalaureate program, allowing high school Juniors and Seniors to take rigorous classes that they can potentially earn college credit for.
If students decide to take part in the IB program they must take three standard level and three higher level classes, as well as TOK (theory of knowledge).
Upon finishing all standard and higher level classes students must take IB exams for the classes they took. the scores they receive on these tests will determine whether or not they obtain college credit.

Palmer High School also has many clubs and after school activities for students to take part in. Some of the most popular are Student Government.
At the end of every school year students from each grade level take part in a campaign to decide who will become president, VP, treasurer, etc for each grade level.
Starting the next school year Student Government members have meetings every week and work on things like school dances, prom, assemblies, and ASAG.

Overall Palmer High School is a school that allows students of all interests to learn new things, grow as a person, be involved in the community and share friendships that will last a life time.

Written by: Tamera Watson

ROBERT DeBERRY/Frontiersman Students at Palmer High School crowd the hallways at the end of school Thursday afternoon. Palmer High is the only Alaska school to make the Newsweek magazine  list of top high schools in the country.

ROBERT DeBERRY/Frontiersman
Students at Palmer High School crowd the hallways at the end of school Thursday afternoon. Palmer High is the only Alaska school to make the Newsweek magazine list of top high schools in the country.

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Lazy Mountain February 9th, 2016

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The flag on top of Lazy

The flag on top of Lazy

If hikes are your thing then the Lazy Mountain area is for you. Featuring quite a variety of trails, Lazy Mountain has trails for both the cautious and adventurous. The trail head for both the Morgan Horse Trail and Lazy Mountain Trail is in the same parking lot.

Like skiing? Lazy Mountain has ski trails. The Morgan Horse Trails are groomed in the winter and have trails for both the beginners and experience skiers. If you want a very easy hike the Morgan Horse Trail would be a good choice.

Don’t let the name fool you, the Lazy Mountain Trail isn’t a “lazy” trail”. The trail climbs up the 3,720 foot peak and is not at all easy. If you want an easier trail you can take the Lazy Moose Trail and climb from there. The Lazy Moose Trail is an easier switchback trail and ends up intercepting the Lazy Mountain Trail. Here are directions and a map of both the Lazy Mountain Trail and Morgan Horse Trail.

View from the side of Lazy Mountain

View from the side of Lazy Mountain

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