Auto Supply Shops in Palmer, Alaska June 16th, 2009

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The following are some of the local auto supply stores here in Palmer. If you know of any more, don’t hesitate to email me and I’ll add them to the list.

Carquest Auto Parts

848 S Colony Way
(907) 745-3310

O’Reilly Auto Supply

401 Glacier View Avenue

(907) 745-8155 (new photo needed)

Napa Auto Parts

217 E Arctic Avenue

(907) 745-2181

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Colony Days Parade and Celebration June 14th, 2009

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Today I went to the Colony Days Parade and hung out in the Palmer Library parking lot and Friday Fling area.
The following photos were all taken this morning and afternoon.

To view the entire photo collection of today, go to the online album.

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Colony Days! June 11th, 2009

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Colony Days is an event-packed weekend in Downtown Palmer. It started as an opportunity to honor the original colonists of Palmer and has grown into a big deal each year for the average “Palmeranian”. Colony Days is a great way to get the community to gather, meet new
friends and greet old and honor its history. The familial feeling is
wonderful and its fun for people of all ages.

Some of the events include an Ice Cream Social at the Downtown Pavilion Area, a Classic Car Rally on Main Street, a Miners vs Monarchs game at the Hermon Brothers Field, a Smoked Salmon Contest at the Depot, and then the anticipated 2009 Bed Races. For a more detailed list of all events, go to the Palmer Chamber of Commerce (PCoC) schedule of events.

The theme of this years Colony Days is the “Return of the Grotto-Lunker”. This is based on an old legend about a dragon-like creature dwelling in the caves of Hatcher Pass. To find out more about the Grotto-Lunker, check out the PCoC website.

The official start of Colony Days begins Friday, June 12th, at 9:00 AM with a Kids Coloring Contest and the display of the the “Statehood Quilt” at the Palmer Visitor Center and Museum. Events continue until Sunday at 6:00 PM.

I encourage you to come out and celebrate the history of our town, as well as enjoy time with the family. Whatever the weather is, come prepared to have a blast!

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Palmer Alaska’s Matsu Miners June 11th, 2009

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To see the Mat-Su Miners 2010 Schedule, click here!

Today my dad handed me two tickets to the Matsu Miners vs. Anchorage Bucs game and told me to go. So I did. And this is what it was like:

I had never been to a baseball game before, much less one played by Palmer’s very own baseball team. The Matsu Miners began under the name the “Valley Green Giants”, but changed to their current name in 1980 to emphasize the important of mining in the Mat-Su Valley. The team is one of six in the state which compete against each other for a chance to go to Kansas for the National Baseball Congress championship.

Today the stands were packed with young and old. The atmosphere was rather hushed for most of the game in hopes it would boost the players’ concentration. One of the volunteers working the concessions stand told me more than 1,002 people payed to come and watch the game. That plus all those with season passes and gifted tickets led to packed sidelines and grandstands.

Point for the Miners!

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Backcountry Bike and Ski – Palmer, Alaska June 10th, 2009

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“We sell bicycles, not groceries!” declared Tony Berberich when asked why I should buy a bicycle here instead of from a department store. Backcountry Bicycles is located on the NW corner of the intersection of S Alaska St and W Arctic Ave (Old Glenn). Tony fits bicycles to people. If the bike isn’t comfortable, he works to make it so or finds a different one.

“We want people to ride bikes.” People go out and buy fancy uncomfortable bikes, use them for a couple weeks and then hang them in the garage like a trophy. The bike shop is here to make sure people get out and ride; maintain a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes Tony even gives bikes away for a good cause. Check out the article in the Frontiersman about this.

Backcountry Bicycles offers road, BMX, mountain, comfort, and commuter bikes. There are even unicycles and tricycles.  The store also has a repair shop in the back, where you can bring your bike in for adjustments and tune-ups.

All in all, Backcountry Bicycles gives great deals on great bikes, and offers a 12 month service plan free with each new bike.

Summer Hours:
(April 1 – October 31)
Tuesday – Saturday: 10AM – 6PM
Sunday: 12PM – 5PM
For more information, check out their website,

This post is sponsored by Valley Market Real Estate.

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