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Do you need an escape from the kitchen? What if there was a way you could entertain guests or throw a dinner party without stressing out over the food? Moose Bites Personal Chefs is a personal chef service which offers in-home cooking.

Use your imagination and follow the process below…

moose bites A Chicken CacciatoreYou contact Moose Bites Personal Chefs through their website form or call and set up an in-home consultation. At the consultation, you are asked questions about your food preferences and about any dietary concerns or goals. Once that is completed, they hand you a menu to get your mouth watering and ideas flowing about what you would like your personal chef to cook for you. It’s hard for you to decide on only five entrĂ©es because the descriptions of the entrĂ©es and sides sound so delicious. But you finally choose ones that excite you the most. Then you set a day when your personal chef will come to your home and cook all the savory meals.

On the agreed upon date, your chef shops for groceries in the morning to get the freshest meats, seafood, vegetables and other ingredients. Upon arriving at your home, your chef works diligently to prepare everything as you desire. Once finished cooking, your chef packages the meals for the refrigerator and freezer. All of the containers are labeled with heating instructions, making it easy to heat and eat home cooked meals. On the day your personal chef is to come, you’re busy at work but are excited all day, knowing you are going home to a house filled with wonderful aromas from a day’s worth of cooking.
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Owners Paul and Janice Villnerve didn’t do a lot of dining out with their large family of nine children aged 12 to 1. So as a pleasurable hobby they spent a lot of time cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. After 13 years as a professional engineer, Paul decided to spin his culinary hobby into a family business. He is now making it possible for busy professionals and anyone short on time to enjoy home cooked meals. And for those having dinner parties, he gives you back the time to be a part of the party and not stuck in the kitchen while the party goes on without you.

Moose Bites Personal Chefs began operating in November of 2010. They have steadily added clients by cooking in-home meals and dinner party menus. They also have a booth at Friday Fling, selling dishes from their southern roots, Shrimp Creole and Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. Be sure to, “like” their Facebook page for a chance to win free personal chef services. One winner is chosen each month.

Look for their booth at the Friday Fling!

Look for their booth at the Friday Fling!

They can be reached through their website at or phone 355-6549.

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