Vagabond Blues June 30th, 2009

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Vagabond Blues is one of my favorite places in downtown Palmer. It’s a great cafe with fresh food and delicious drinks, located on S Alaska St, in the Koslosky building. I go there and work on my computer all the time; they offer wifi through MTA.

Not only is Vagabond Blues a great coffeehouse, it’s also a well-known musical venue. With concerts ranging in genre from bluegrass to metal, V-Blues does its best to keep the music as diverse as our community. The performances are reasonably priced, some are even free. Many local artists are known to come and play as well as groups from out of state.

Soups, salads, breads, all made here in Alaska, if not in V-Blues’ own kitchen, are just part of the menu. They use as much local produce as possible, and offer vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options as well as “normal” food. If I want something more than a cookie, I’ll usually buy a cup of soup and a hunk of fresh bread for around $6. The soup is always hearty, flavorful and filling and the bread, delectable.

All ages come to Vagabonds to chill. Some order full meals, others (like me) get something simple like an americano and a jumbo chocolate chip cookie, made fresh each morning right there in the kitchen. You can find groups of students from the local schools in the large booths, laughing and talking about the day at school. Elderly couples and families hold meetings and bible studies earlier in the mornings. The atmosphere is very relaxed; with the radio on all the time (but turned down low), smiling baristas and giggling babies of patrons that make you feel at home.

Drop in for a tasty morsel, stay an hour, chat with friends, stay late! It’s open until 8 Mon-Sat and 6 on Sundays. Vagabond Blues is part of what makes Palmer, Palmer. It’s a comfy, slow-paced, community gathering place. Come be a part of it!

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