Matsu Transit June 18th, 2009

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Matsu Transit provides transportation by bus all around the Valley, to Anchorage, out to Houston and soon out to the Knik area. Commuter buses go to and from Anchorage during the average commute times: early morning, late morning, and early evening.

Matsu Transit buses also make flag stops by phoned-in requests, but you need to call in at least 1 hour before the requested time. I have never ridden the buses in the Valley, but several of my friends have and they think it’s great! The system is really helpful for those without cars, teens with working parents, and those who just want to help the environment.

General one-way rides cost $2.50, and a day pass is $6.00. The commuting fare is $3.00 each direction. Kids under 6 ride free.

For more information about the Valley’s Transit system and its schedules, visit

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