Alaskana Books In Palmer Alaska June 18th, 2009

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I made a visit during Colony Days to Alaskana Books
at 564 S Denali in Palmer, Alaska. This is probably my favorite bookstore in the whole state. If you want to read about Alaska this is the place to go. It is one of the temptations in Palmer for me. I can’t seem to go in that store without spending money. They have shelves and shelves of Alaskan books. Most of the books are used, some are extremely old, some are pretty obscure, all are very interesting.

Alaskana Books is owned and operated by Lorie Kirker
She is a long time Alaskan, having spent much of her life teaching in bush Alaska. She spent a lot of time in places like King Cove and Dutch Harbor. She is helped in the store by her good friend Lynette Lehn whom she met in college. Lynette talked Lorie into coming to Alaska with her husband and now they are both retired teachers working together in the store.

The entry way is currently set up on a Colony Days theme with Palmer especially featured. Inside are books arranged in all sorts of Alaskan themes. There are shelves on Russian America, Gold Rush, South East, Interior, First Citizens, Aviation, The Iditarod Race, Bears, Wolves, and on and on. If you are looking for a book on canoeing the Yukon River, they have it. If you want something about early Palmer, they certainly have it. If by some amazing chance they don’t have a book, they will do the research to find it.

Alaskana Books hours are as unique as the store itself. They are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon-5:30. Stop by this weekend.

By Marty Van Diest

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