Responding to Covid-19 April 10th, 2020

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Covid-19, the virus is rapidly spread around the world at an alarming 

speed. Different areas of the world are seeing different levels of impact, the 

United States is seeing a steady increase in the number of confirmed cases

In the Palmer area and throughout the Valley many businesses and 

individuals are deemed essential. They are putting their lives 

on the frontline continue putting essential supplies on the shelves 

so that people are can continue with their lives as we navigate this new 

normal. From the bottom of my heart and for everyone else in the Valley, I want 

to thank the men and women who are going out every day, working long hours 

for days on end, working tirelessly to provide for the citizens of the Valley. We 

thank you and will continue to thank you for all that you are doing for our 


It can be extremely difficult to find the true statistics without 

having data left out or exaggerated. The sad truth is that  media

hardly ever focuses on delivering the whole story, but rather delivers what is 

most interesting or gauged to get a certain response. Knowing what is going 

on in the world is more of a necessity now than ever before to keep our 

families safe. 

Through all of my own research I have found that the Center for

Disease Control’s website is very trustworthy and not media motivated. I have 

also found that looking on official state websites give reputable facts and 

sources for those facts, along with the steps that you can take to stay as safe

 as possible during this increasingly dangerous time.

 The same guidelines are being relayed; Stay at home unless you have

an essential or emergent reason to leave. When/if you do have to leave your 

home make sure to maintain safe distances from other individuals, it is 

recommended that a distance of 6 or more feet be left between bodys. 

Continually wash your hands and use a sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol 

content or more. And wear a mask in public. Stay safe!


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