Palmer Museum and Visitor Center July 8th, 2014

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Palmer Museum and Visitor Center Contact Info:
723 S. Valley Way, Palmer, AK 99645
Summer Hours (May 1 – Sept. 30):
Sunday through Saturday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Giant Cabbage Sculpture

Giant Cabbage Sculpture

Smorgasbord: a type of Scandinavian meal served buffet style with a mixture of many different dishes.
Palmer Visitor Center: A smorgasbord of information.

There is literally a buffet of information at the Visitor Center. If you need to know which company to contact to book a fishing charter, find a good place to eat in Palmer, or even just wonder about the history of our good city, this is the place to go. But if you can’t actually visit the Center, you can still get the answers you are looking for. Museum Director Selena Ortega-Chiolero says the Visitor Center receives approximately 100 emails a week with questions about visiting the MatSu Valley. The staff at the Visitor Center personally respond to all of these emails, sending an information packet with specific information regarding the questions and general information about Palmer.

“It’s our job not just to promote our organization, but to promote Palmer.” Selena says. One of their goals is to share the history of Palmer in a visual way. Besides preserving the past, this also means recognizing that history is being created every day. As art is a reflection of our culture, the Museum supports local artists by displaying their work and purchasing one local art piece each year. You can also buy pieces from the gift shop.

How does your garden grow?

How does your garden grow?

Selena says the number one thing visitors ask to see is “the giant vegetables”. And thanks to the efforts of the Head Gardener (and Assistants), you need go no further than the Museum’s own backyard. This is a truly spectacular showcase garden, with a dizzying array of plants, vegetables, flowers, and bushes. (Everything is helpfully labeled for those of us who are not botanists.) All of the edibles in the garden are donated to the senior center.

New Smithsonian "American Food" Exhibit

New Smithsonian “American Food” Exhibit

Currently, the Museum is proud to display the Smithsonian Institute’s Museums on Main Street “Key Ingredients: America By Food” exhibit. There are only four Museums in the state that were selected to host these exhibits this year. This theme ties in with the Museum’s efforts to promote agriculture and local farmers. In fact, the Museum is hosting a Community Potluck on July 19th from 12-4pm at Spring Creek Farm. (That’s 6402 Lossing Road.) This event is free, and it is a great opportunity to learn about local farming.

For more information about the Visitor Center, visit their website.

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